Coppa Pizzeria is an annual collective performance played in front of my studio (aka La Pizzeria) based on the relations and interactions generated from the simplest yet most complex  competitive physical  activity ever invented by humans: football.

An undefined yet constantly growing number of teams compete in knockout rounds of 5 minutes each played on an asymmetrical field with no sidelines.  Standard football rules are applied only relatively.  Coppa Pizzeria does not promote Fair Play or respect.  Referees have the right to manipulate the games in whatever direction is more convenient to the interests of Coppa Pizzeria. Competing teams are aware that bribery, privilege, inequity and blackmailing are part of the game just as much as the ball.  Teams compete to win the tournament and the cup, a glorious sculpture of a pizza margherita slice resined and glittered in gold.  Instead the Coppa Narciso is a glamorous trophy awarded by the CP Committee to the team sporting the best look.  All teams that take part to CP are aware that the tournament is not based on talent or skill, but rather on a darwinian approach.  Participation to the Coppa Pizzeria is free and open, yet every application is subject to the approval of the CP Committee.  All the above rules may be ignored or over-ruled should the committee decide to.

Coppa Pizzeria only rhymes with democrazia. The affinities end here