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01.10.22. < 12.02.23

On the occasion of OUT OF PLACE, artist Daniele Sigalot (Rome, 1976) presents a series of iconic works from his career, along with a new body of artworks realized specifically for the exhibition. 

Representative of his artistic experimentation and his relationship with different media, the works on display range from sculpture to installation, from neon to photography, creating an environment with pauses and accelerations, intimacy and sharing.

As curator Sonia Belfiore wrote "Through his works, the artist uses and mixes images and scenarios taken from everyday life, disrupting clichés and pop references until giving them new meaning. With a playful and sharp approach to life, the works in the exhibition wring a smile by discovering a universe of emotions and oppositions.

It is paradox, in fact, that urges the fruition of the exhibition, a tool and a stimulus for reflection that the artist uses to reveal the weaknesses of the ability to discern and the limits of reasoning. Historically paradoxes based on simple concepts that have led to great reflections and intellectual changes such as the discovery of new mathematical rules or new physical laws. In the same spirit, Sigalot's are not mere provocations, but deep reflections aimed at creating a relationship with the viewer and establishing a connection between art and life. 

The OUT OF PLACE exhibition is an exercise in which our thoughts jump, run, roll, somersault, coming out amused and a little shaken. Topics such as current events, the complex grid of the art system, the hierarchy of given structures and formats are concepts highlighted by Daniele Sigalot aimed at stimulating the viewer's critical thinking, challenged and targeted by the artist's irony. "

Sonia Belfiore

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